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platform agnostic, next level conversion tracking solution to keep your web analytics data quality at peak!

Enhance e-commerce tracking and optimize media budgets across Google or Facebook with adblock proof, EU-compliant tracking!

Trackify is the

Projects already running Trackify


Optimize Adspend | Lower CPA | Push ROAS

Traditional tracking is long dead and while Google will sunset Universal Analytics you will be stuck with GA4.
Trackify is the next level tracking solution for web and e-commerce projects, developed by digital marketing and tracking pros with >10yrs industry experience, ultimately solving the problem of data dilution resulting from the rise of adblockers, intelligent tracking prevention and tightening EU regulation with regard to traditional, cookie-based conversion or constraints with regard to storing personal data outside the EU.

100% EU-compliant

GDPR Compliance backed straight into source code - no matter what!

99% Data accuracy

Add-block-proof, serverside tracking technology running optinally cookyless guarantees up to 99% data accuracy - no matter what!

Fully Platform agnostic

360° data aggregation at the source of your choice, be it Insta, Facebook, GA4, Matomo or Shopify - no matter what!

Plug 'n Play Set up

No-Code Plug and Play Set up right from within your dashboard - no matter what!

Why Trackify is better than Matomo

Matomo is perceived to be the winner in the war against Google but the truth is that Matomo has it shortcomings

Why trackify beats GA4

Google Analytics 4 uses data intrapolation that naturally comes with inaccuracies at scale. Further more most adblockers respond toxic to Google Tracking Codes and leave you blind.

Why Trackify beats Piwik

PIWIK is sexy but trackify is next level tracking and we tell you why

Can trackify compete with

It totally does, it actually replaces it entirely at waay better cost

F**k I am lost...

This is too much tech talk for me, i need personal advice. I want to book a free consultation

Trackify Basic

Next Level Conversion Tracking Package with 98% data  accuracy

Free of charge, perfect for Adspends of up to 1000 € / month

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Trackify Starter

For individuals at scale

Starting from € 19,00 per month, up to 5K monthly adspend

Tell me more!

Trackify Silver

Scaled tracking for small and medium size enterprises

€ 49,00 per month, up to 20K monthly adspend

Tell me more!

Trackify Gold

Orbital Conversion Tracking with 99% data  accuracy, including e-commerce dashboard

€ 279,00 per month, supporting adspend of up to 50K 

Tell me more!

Trackify Platinum

BOOM! Ultimate Conversion Tracking with 99% data  accuracy, including e-commerce dashboard

€ 349,00 per month |  Fits Enterprise and Agency clients, all features unlocked

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Next level tracking code

a native execution of "Google Consent Mode" ensures data accuracy at source while circumnavigating the legal constraints of the EUs privacy laws through a smart AI based software architecure, ensuring 100% compliance and 99% data aggregation at source. Trackify fixes common shortcomings of established Cooky Consent Tools like Boarlabs or Cookiebot that allow cooky based tracking execution only upon consent.

Push your e-commerce stats into another orbit!

Server Side Intelligence

Trackify runs as server side tracking solution that is 100% compliant with existing EU regulation. Our inhouse tracking system provides little attack surface for privacy blockers, bowser tracking prevenion and other obstacles. It can be easily set up via GTM modules and soon to come as a wordpress plugin

Why Trackify

360° Platform agnostic

Trackify is open to all platforms and shopsystems, from Wordpress to Typo3, WIX, EditorX, Shopify or Magento

99% Add-block proof

Our Add Block Proof tech solves data dilution resulting from browser tracking prevention

100% compliant

100% compliant with EU regulation though intelligent software architecure fully respecting GDPR laws

Optionally cookyless

Trackify runs optionally cookyless, depending on target geography, risk adversity and required level of data accuracy. Your choice!

Increases adspend efficiency

Trackify vastly increases adspend efficiency, loweres your CPAs and pushes ROAS through the roof!

Trusted by Marketing Pros

Established players and digital agencies already rely on trackify, and there is no way back

  • Google Ads

  • Matomo

  • GA4

  • Universal Analytics

  • Typo 3

  • Jimbo

  • Magento

  • and many more

  • Wordpress

  • Shopify

  • Wix

  • Pivik Pro

no sh!t... is compatible with

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